Information on Baptism / Christening

Join us for Sunday Worship!

You are always welcome to join us for Sunday Worship. Details of the pattern of service for each of our churches can be found in the "Our  churches" section in the Menu to the left. These might be slightly different on special occasions, such as Easter and Christmas.

We always welcome Baptism enquiries from parents living in our parishes.

For parents seeking Baptism for their child with no previous connection to the Parish, you will need to attend Church for a 6 month period prior to the beginning of your Baptism preparation classes. Children are always welcome at any of our services.

We do require that all considering Baptism for themselves or their child attend a 2 week Baptism preparation course, covering the central beliefs of the Christian faith, as well as explaining in more details about the Baptism and Thanksgiving services.
 Contact the Parish office for more information.


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